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PLEASE NOTE: There are scammers that may try to sell you a puppy, using either our kennel name, our KUSA membership number and/or KUSA registration certificates of dogs. BE AWARE!
1. We will never use a third party or agent
2. If you don't have a written agreement signed by both parties, don't make any payments
3. Call us directly or KUSA (021 423 9027) if you want to verify who you are dealing with

Dr. Irma Bailey, an experienced veterinarian, is the owner of Irmadu Biewers. Irmadu is a KUSA accredited breeder of Biewer Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers and has been for many years. Click here to go to our Yorkie website. All our puppies are registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa and by the time they go to their new homes, they have been dewormed three times and had their first vaccination. Our Biewers are top imported bloodlines from Germany and Czech Republic and conform to the breed standard as adopted by KUSA. For the best Biewers - search no further!




Thank you for coming to see us again at the World of Dogs and Cats (WODAC) pet expo, hosted at the Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg, from 17 - 19 July. Click here for some pictures from last year's expo!

Wodac 2014

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Sienna Looking for a Rottweiler puppy? Go to our website: www.irmadurottweilers.co.za